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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Product Review: INKnBURN Long-Sleeved Pullovers

In celebration of SPRING(!!!) I have to give a shout-out to my favorite active wear company for making the perfect cold-weather top that has accompanied me on nearly every winter run I did during this last (very long) cold winter: INKnBURN Pullovers.

Wildflower, Lotus, Crane, and Monarch Pullovers
I don't like to be cold, but I've also learned my lesson when I dress too warmly and wind up miserable and feeling overheated when I run. This winter, I discovered that INKnBURN's Pullovers are the perfect balance of warm, breathable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable in addition to being gorgeous works of art.

Feeding my addiction to bright colors!
My first pullover was Crane, which I ordered after checking the weather for the Tucson Half Marathon and saw that it was going to be much colder than I had anticipated. At first glance, I thought the colors and design were a little patch-work-looking with just a touch of quirkiness, but the reviews were extremely positive, so I decided to give it a try. Spoiler: Even though you're not supposed to wear something new on race day, it was love at first wear and I ended up being ecstatic about the colors and artwork.
Happy "I PR'd" Dance!
After my Tucson Half Marathon PR, I was hooked. Soon after, Monarch and Lotus arrived.

And now I might need a support group, because last week Wildflower joined the party:

Good thing I didn't face plant. That would have hurt.
Confession: I may or may not have ordered another one during their moving sale last week because, you know, I clearly needed more. *cough*

Okay, so I realize I'm a little ridiculous with my Pullover Addiction, but here's why I can't seem to get enough of them besides the obvious of how beautiful and fun the colors and designs are:
  1. The material and craftsmanship is top-notch. The inside fabric is incredibly soft and very cozy-feeling against my sensitive skin, and it never leaves me with chafing. I'm one of those unfortunate people who ends up with rashes and chafing any time fabric touches me, so active wear clothing must be made with quality fabrics, and seams have to be flat and made with soft stitching for me to be comfortable. 
    Look at that perfect seam and soft fabric!
  2. They're amazingly versatile. I wear them for running, hiking, taking walks, as a skiing base layer, grocery shopping, as my shirt for the day regardless of activity, and for sitting on cold bleachers with a cup of coffee while watching my daughter compete in early morning gymnastics meets. 
  3. They have thumbholes! I am a huge fan of thumbholes because I like to have the backs of my hands covered in cool weather, and I appreciate that they keep the cold air from blowing up my arms while running in the wind. The sleeves are fitted enough that they slide under gloves without bunching and are stretchy enough that they fit over gloves if I prefer to wear them that way. Bonus: I can read my watch through the hole if I choose not to use the thumbholes. 

    I regularly check my distance this way.
  4. The arms are long enough for me. I am long-limbed, and I'm finicky about where sleeves hit on my wrists. Because of the thumbholes, these tops have ample arm length. 
  5. More than one size fits. I absolutely love this about INKnBURN - most people can wear more than one size in just about every piece they make. All of their clothing is stretchy, so you can almost always size up or down. I wear a small in their regular tops, but I like to size up to a medium in the pullovers because I frequently wear a base layer underneath. I love that even though the bigger size is roomy, it's cut so that it doesn't look bulky or awkward on me.
  6. They layer beautifully. Sometimes I wear these alone, other times I wear a Smartwool base layer or tank underneath. Unlike some running pullovers, I've never had an issue with these riding up or bunching awkwardly during motion. They also fit nicely under a running jacket and under hydration packs. The material is smooth and not bulky at all, so it doesn't catch on other fabrics worn over it. 
  7. The back is always just as beautiful and artistic as the front! I am always disappointed when tops have a pretty design on the front and a plain, boring color on the back. I never have that problem when I wear one of of my INKnBURN pullovers!
    Wildflower Rear View
  8. These tops wash incredibly well. Each of my pullovers gets worn for a workout at least once a week, and I wash them after every use. The fabric does not fade, and every one of them looks and feels like it did when it first arrived. Seriously, they look brand new. Considering I run double-digit miles through mountains in these tops, that's pretty amazing. Bonus: they wash clean and none have that funky armpit smell problem like some tech fabrics get after multiple washes. For the record, I use Nathan Sport-Wash for all my active wear. 
  9. They stay put. I get easily irritated when I have to tug on my clothing to keep it in place mid-run. Recently, I did a demo run in a long-sleeve top (in a brand that shall remain unnamed) that kept shifting around and left me readjusting it every few minutes. I was so annoyed. However, the experience left me that much more grateful when I wore one of my pullovers on my next run and I forgot that I was wearing it because it was so comfortable and stayed in place. 
  10. The fabric is moisture-wicking and breathes. Last week I went for a tempo run on a sunny day with temps in the mid-to-upper 50s, and I really should have been wearing a short-sleeve shirt because those temperatures feel downright warm with the sun beating down after a cold winter. Stubbornly, I wore my new Wildflower Pullover because it had just arrived. I warmed up quickly, but I could feel the cool breeze through my top and my body temperature stayed regulated. I was surprised by the end of my mileage that I wasn't very sweaty and that I'd felt comfortable even in the warmer weather. 
If you're wondering where you can get one of these amazing tops, check out the INKnBURN website. They make them for both women and men, and there are still some in stock in a couple of the patterns. If your size isn't available, keep checking back for new apparel. It is a small company and their products are not mass-produced so there is limited inventory, but they come out with new tops and bottoms all the time. If you happen to purchase one of their products, let them know I sent you. As I've mentioned before, I am an Ambassador for the company and I love getting the word out!
Happy yoga girl! It's finally warming up a little!

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